• Preparing for CFPB audit/supervision and reviewing all compliance processes
  • Assisting in preparation for RMA Certification and performing RMA Certification audits
  • Evaluation existing collection strategies and operational efficiencies
  • Evaluating existing audit practices as well as conducting audits and providing auditor training
  • Developing new and innovative recovery techniques utilizing the latest available tools and technology
  • Conducting RFP and due diligence processes

the edge

Collection and Recovery Consulting Services, LLC was formed in 2003 to provide consulting services to credit grantors, debt buyers and account receivables service providers.    


Patti Dunn has 25+ years of professional experience in the credit and collections field.


From accounts receivable call center management to collection agency network management.

 Experts incompliance audits and assessments

THE EDGE has performed over 300 audits, operational reviews and assessments both 

in the United States and internationally.

Expertise in specific areas ranging from:

Committed to helping our clients discover

leading edge solutions